Successful bilateral meeting with Singapore’s interim Communicable Diseases Agency (CDA)

On 10 May 2024, our Australian Centre for Disease Control Establishment Taskforce met with Singapore’s interim CDA.

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Professor Vernon Lee, Executive Director of the CDA joined us for a bilateral meeting in Singapore this month. Professor Paul Kelly, Head of the interim Australian Centre for Disease Control (CDC) and Helen Grinbergs, First Assistant Secretary represented us.

This meeting was a platform for open discussions and collaboration between the 2 agencies. It included presentations by:

  • Professor Kelly about the progress of Australia's interim CDC
  • Helen Grinbergs about the process for establishing the interim Australian CDC
  • representatives from Singapore providing insights into establishing their own interim CDA.

The meeting fostered a transparent exchange of experiences and ideas between the agencies. They agreed to:

  • share updates on the planning processes completed by both agencies
  • assess the progress of the interim Australian CDC’s establishment
  • identify areas of success and challenges.

Participating in this bilateral meeting reaffirmed our commitment to collaboration and sharing knowledge about public health. The meeting strengthened our international partnership. It also enhanced the effectiveness of communicable disease management strategies on a global scale.